Our History

Movement for Youth and Children’s Rights Organisation was formed out of the survey conducted by its founding members on the rights and responsibilities of children in the Lumley community, Freetown, Sierra Leone. The rights of Youth and children were not functional in about 4 communities where MYCRO was operating. The Sierra Leone version of the rights of the child as a statutory act provided in the Sierra Leone child right Act 2007 highlights the formation of the child welfare committees- (CWC) and child panels; these were not evident in the 4 communities. It was against this background that the Movement for Youth and Children’s Rights Organisation was formed to help complement the efforts of Government and Organizations in Sierra Leone. MYCRO was established after the brutal civil conflict in Sierra Leone to help redress the years of war into peace and development through youth advocacy, peace education, nonviolent communication, and youth entrepreneurial programs. The organization has accomplished some tremendous child and youth driving programs on peace, human rights, and capacity building across Sierra Leone and our hubs in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Gambia

“Our vision is to create new generation of young people who are more Educated, Peaceful, developmental, interconnected and interdependent for a better world.”

Our Mission

MYCRO International uphold child rights and youth empowerment for sustainable development. Our overall mission is to recreate and natured young people’s minds and abilities and support them to become potentials and responsible citizens.

In Africa, we give the children and youth the opportunity for a healthy and thriving life by providing Education, Basic needs of Clothing and Feeding, Water and Sanitation, Health Child surgical assistant, Child Rights, Youth Empowerment/Development, Impact Women, Student Forum Initiative and Peace/Nonviolence Education.

We are guided by every thought, task, and every step we take is about forwarding the development of the children and young people in our global village

Advocate for youth, women, and children in communities

  1. Inform and educate the general public on youth, children, and women’s rights and their corresponding responsibilities.
  2. To address issues of unskilled labor amongst youth and women.
  3. Help to address the issue of sexual Reproductive and Rights in young people.
  4. HIV/AIDS awareness for youth and children
  5. Enhancing youth and child learning facilities.
  6. Promote the right to Water and sanitation for children and youth
  7. Promote the culture of Peace and nonviolence society
  8. To end Hunger and Poverty through the MYCRO Sierra Leone Food Bank Project

Commitment: We are committed to possibility, to transparency and a belief that everyone is capable of and wants to make a positive contribution to themselves and their community

Interconnectedness: We believe in and seek clarity with the curiosity of “not-knowing.”  We are interdependent and know that everyone at every moment is attempting to make a contribution and fulfilling a need

In-Service: We believe in being in-service, the work is done through us, rather than us doing the work

Accountability: We are responsible for using our funding and other resources more   efficiently, achieving good results and being accountable to partners, supporters and most of all, youth and Children we served.

Ambition: As non-profit organization, we demand of ourselves and other people and develop high plans and are committed to improving the quality of everything we do with and for youth and Children.

Collaboration: MYCRO values each other, thrive on our human diversity, and our relationship with partners to develop our organizational strategies in making a positive difference for youth and children in Africa.

Creativity: We highly welcome positive ideas, embrace change, and take risks to bring sustainable impacts for and with youth and Children.

Integrity: We are committed to live to a good standard of honesty and interrelations; we don’t compromise our respect and reputation a